7311488018_ea54d93756_mEven though I develop under .NET I read about various languages, platforms and technologies. Finding information of decent quality is a challenge, but luckily I dug out two reports for Java of about fifty pages each. They are made by a company, which runs a blog about Java with regular updates. They seem pretty serious about this. Well, the first report is about the Java web frameworks, while the other is a survey among over 2000 people in the software industry about their Java habits, preferences, technologies employed etc. You have to submit your mail address for that, but I can assure you that they do not spam you too much. The reports are great, with many diagrams, humour, big font size and latest information.

What could be found within –

  • which are the eight most popular Java web frameworks and which is apt for what;
  • a rating of the above based on development speed, complexity, learning curve, documentation, community and many others;
  • which are the most popular JVM languages, IDEs, servers, ORM frameworks, SQL and No-SQL databases, source control systems and more;

So, if you’re interested take a look. This is a valuable, free and growth oriented information in a great summary – a Java world snapshot.

* The image is from Flickr under CC BY-SA license.

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