Recently I got hired for what seemed a dull and straightforward job, quite out of my scope of interest. The client needed a simple E-shop and I recommended Prestashop 3.0 based on a few hours of research. The platform did seem nice and administration friendly, with the full infrastructure and modules the client needed. Everything went well, till encoding problems emerged. Everything in the shop can be translated from the administration panel. The issue is that anything that is custom set with symbols from the Bulgarian alphabet, also used in Russia, Serbia, Macedonia and a few other countries, goes straight to the encoding hell.
A few hours of research did get me to the point of realizing that Prestashop has a long standing system bug. Any encoding mismatch between the sql server, the client and the server wrecks havoc to the translations. Since these preferences cannot all be tailored to the need of Prestashop in shared hosting servers, it cannot be used with Bulgarian, Russian or another language using the Bulgarian alphabet on most hosting providers. There are fivepossibilities. First, downgrade to Prestashop 2.x. Unfortunately the major versions 2 and 3 are not compatible and upgrading and downgrading is not possible, one can only transfer data manually. Second, buy a dedicated server. That also is not always applicable, as the prices double and triple at least. Third, write directly to the cache and get busted for that every time it is refreshed. Really? And, fourth, wait for Prestashop to fix the bug. A year has passed so far, so I did not take chances. I switched to Opencart, which could have been any other CMS, that works for Bulgarian. Happy coding!

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