Bulgarian (or Russian) E-shop with Prestashop 3.x – a bad Idea

Recently I got hired for what seemed a dull and straightforward job, quite out of my scope of interest. The client needed a simple E-shop and I recommended Prestashop 3.0 based on a few hours of research. The platform did seem nice and administration friendly, with the full infrastructure and modules the client needed. Everything went well, till encoding problems emerged. Everything in the shop can be translated from the administration panel.… Още

val( ) and custom validation in Kendo UI

For a while I’m into Kendo UI. It feels great, as this brings recollections of the Telerik Academy and my beginner experiences with a rich JS framework. Great as it is, it is half the size of ExtJS and a many functionalities take a lot of coding. And there is a hindrance, as the documentation is, well, a mild word is scarce and a better try is bleak. Telerik does compensate this with their support with unlimited tickets and great responses.… Още

A successful New Year

Успешна Нова година This New Year I am going to…

Spend more time with my family, go to the gym three times a week, learn to play guitar, write my diploma thesis and save for a new car. Besides that…

Does this illustrative list sound somewhat familiar? Many people set similar goals. A lot of them are doing it spontaneously as in the example. It would be nice if the list could be accomplished.… Още

Grid Plugin Manipulation in ExtJS

A few days back my work demanded to solve a not-so-trivial problem regarding ExtJS RowEditing (version 4.2. of the framework). I warn that this post requires an excellent knowledge of the framework to be of any use. The problem in short: there is a RowEditing plugin instance in which some of the cell values depend on others. Thus their values should update dynamically upon new value entries or value updates. So the interesting part began, which took me to a happy ending half a day later.… Още

Going International

UK Grunge FlagI managed to do one good deed today and guess it’s a hello world for the English speaking part of the world. It dawned on me that part of what I’m writing could possibly resonate with a larger target group, not contained within the Bulgarian speakers.  This was started as a technical blog, although nowadays the things are balanced between the technical and non-technical realms. As a software developer I will aim to share what knowledge I obtain.… Още

Java World Snapshot

7311488018_ea54d93756_mEven though I develop under .NET I read about various languages, platforms and technologies. Finding information of decent quality is a challenge, but luckily I dug out two reports for Java of about fifty pages each. They are made by a company, which runs a blog about Java with regular updates. They seem pretty serious about this. Well, the first report is about the Java web frameworks, while the other is a survey among over 2000 people in the software industry about their Java habits, preferences, technologies employed etc.… Още